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Sections & Resources

The Woodstock Police Force is made up of sections, who work closely together to ensure we are doing our best to serve and protect those who live in, work in, or visit the Town of Woodstock. We also strive to be a visible presence in the community, building and maintaining important relationships with individuals, groups, and businesses. Below, you will find detailed information on the primary role of each of these sections.

Patrol Division

The patrol division is composed of uniformed police officers who are responsible for the bulk of day-to-day police services rendered by the department. These members are the backbone of Woodstock Police Force, and are well-known within our community. 

The patrol division consists of four platoons, who provide a 24/7 visible presence in the Town of Woodstock, responding quickly to reports from the public. Members of the patrol division have a variety of key duties and responsibilities such as criminal investigations, traffic enforcement, foot patrols, and investigating non-criminal matters. 

The men and women assigned to patrols rely on strong community partnerships in order to maintain the peace and safety of our community. We are proud to work closely with other divisions of the Woodstock Police Force, RCMP, other emergency services and first responders, Social Development, Mental Health, and members of the public who reside in, work in, and visit the Town of Woodstock.

To report an incident which is criminal in nature, you can reach us 24/7 by calling (506) 325-4601. 

If you believe the behaviour you are reporting poses a threat of imminent harm to yourself or others, please call 9-1-1.

Street Crime Unit (SCU)

The Woodstock Police Force’s Street Crime Unit (SCU) was established in September of 2023 as a direct response to the increase in calls for service that require a dedicated investigation. The unit is comprised of three members of the Woodstock Police Force, including one Staff Sergeant and two Constables. The Street Crime Unit is responsible for the investigation of mid to high level files, including but not limited to; frauds, arsons, stolen vehicles, major assaults, thefts, etc. The purpose of this is to take the work load off of patrols so that they can remain visible and proactive in the community.

The SCU also works alongside the Woodstock Integrated Enforcement Unit (IEU) to assist with the investigation into illegal drugs and firearms in the local area.

Integrated Enforcement Unit (IEU)

The Woodstock Integrated Enforcement Unit (IEU) is a law enforcement initiative, established in the spring of 2022, to target illegal drugs, weapons, and organized crime offences within Woodstock and the local surrounding area.  The Woodstock IEU currently consists of three (3) WPF members, one (1) DJPS member, and (1) RCMP member.  The Woodstock IEU works collaboratively with WPF patrol response and WPF Street Crime Unit, responding to calls to service for investigations that are serious in nature, and further investigation and oversight.  Our goal is to create a safer community in Woodstock and the surrounding area. 

We’ve learned that a cooperative approach to policing is more successful to combat criminals, who often push beyond our local and regional boundaries.  Within the Province of New Brunswick, additional IEUs exist, that integrate the nine municipal law enforcement agencies, RCMP, and Inspection & Enforcement New Brunswick officers (IENB-JPS) into seven (7) units located throughout the province, under the operational command of each participant agency. The model is supported by the government of New Brunswick and incorporates coordination of administrative, informational, and financial activities.  The IEU Coordinator reports to a subcommittee, comprised of members of the New Brunswick Association of Chiefs of Police (NBACP) who govern the IEU’s, providing strategic oversight and establishing priorities for the enforcement units. The provincially funded integrated approach aims to ensure a coordinated response to street level crime and the units are mandated to target CDSA, Weapons and Organized Crime offences within in the province of New Brunswick. 

The WPF IEU provides a toll-free TIP LINE as a way for residents to report suspicious activity related to illegal drugs, firearms, organized crime, and other criminal activity directly to police investigators.  The phone # is 1-833-664-2992.

If you call the Tip Line, you may remain anonymous on the telephone if you wish.  However, you may also remain anonymous if you wish to speak to police investigator(s) in person.  The police investigator will listen to you and take the information you provide.  This phone line is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  Your name and identity will not be used in court proceedings and you will not be required as a witness for court.  Woodstock Police Force is able to pay you for information you provide to police.  Remember….. No piece of information is too small and it takes a community to fight crime. 

***** If you believe the behaviour you are reporting poses a threat of imminent harm to others, you should call 9-1-1.*****

By-Law/Compliance Officer

The By-Law/Compliance Officer, Nick Wilson, is there to help protect the health and safety of every resident of Woodstock. In order to be effective, our by-laws need to be enforced. The Town’s first priority in enforcement work is education—to help our residents understand what is required of them. Nick investigates complaints and inspects properties to make sure the standards laid out in the by-laws are met. Wherever possible, we work with residents to resolve violations. Only if education and cooperation fail do we turn to penalties and fines. 

The By-Law/Compliance Officer oversees by-laws regarding land use (such as dangerous and unsightly premises, standards for maintenance of residential buildings, garbage collection, recreational areas and the zoning and building by-laws). Regulatory by-laws relating to health and safety, parking, noise and curfews are enforced by the Woodstock Police Force.

To report a by-law infraction, please contact Nick Wilson by e-mail: compliance@town.woodstock.nb.ca

Community Resource Officer (CRO)

Cst. Shaun Kimball, our Community Resource Officer (CRO), can often be seen out and about in Woodstock. Whether it’s through visits and presentations at our local schools, organizing charity hockey games, stepping up as a Big Brother mentor, flipping burgers with Special Olympians, or just stopping to have a chat with someone while he’s out on bike patrol, Cst. Kimball has taken the opportunity to connect with people of all ages in our diverse community.

Through our partnership with Anglophone West Schook District, the CRO acts as our school resource officer. This collaborative approach has fostered early awareness to local youth in key areas of exposure. Cst. Kimball also acts as our liaison for partnerships with local daycares, the Multicultural Association with Carleton County (MACC), Seniors groups, Planet Youth, Party Program at WHS, Western Valley Drug and Alcohol, Icelandic Prevention Model, and is the Big Brothers and Big Sisters School Mentor.

For more information about our community involvement, please check out our Community Engagement page.

If you see Cst. Kimball out on patrol, or at a special event, please say hello! If you would like to contact Cst. Kimball, please call us at (506) 325-4601 or e-mail us at wpfadmin@nbpolice.ca.