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Message From The Chief And Deputy Chief

The Woodstock Police Force shares a proud and personal public safety history with the citizens of Woodstock. For decades, we have held the responsibility of protecting our diverse community in service to all who live and visit here. It is a responsibility we are fortunate to have and one that we do not take lightly, or for granted.

In recent years, our police service has worked increasingly to consider what we do well, but also to continually question…what can we do better? At the center of this consideration are three key areas that have guided our growth and public safety commitment in recent years;

  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Due Diligence

As a result, and supported by a progressive organizational strategic planning response model, the Woodstock Police Force has implemented ways to increase our visibility, publicly communicate our strategic plan objectives, establish partnerships related to social issues, continually adapt our response efforts specific to rising crime trends, and accurately report on associated successes and failures through our annual report submissions.

It may be reasonable to state that policing has and continues to change in ways that will require all of us working together to resolve present and future challenges. Public trust in its police force is something we often speak of; however, trust may only be achieved if a police force consistently demonstrates transparency, accountability, and due diligence in all that it does. To this, the officers and staff of the Woodstock Police Force shall remain committed.

Together, we can contribute to the safety and well-being of those who wish to live, work and play in Woodstock.   



Gary Forward, BIS., MA.

Chief of Police – Woodstock Police Force

President – NBACP

Deputy Chief

In my tenure as Deputy Chief, I have had the privilege of experiencing the Town of Woodstock as an exceptional community, populated by diligent and compassionate citizens. I take great pride in my role in addressing the public safety needs of both residents and businesses.

My policing philosophy places a significant emphasis on collaborative problem-solving with our residents and community partners. The Police Force’s primary objectives are to preserve life, prevent crime, and enhance safety within the community, and the active participation of every resident is vital to that success. Woodstock has embraced this approach, with numerous individuals and businesses actively engaged in initiatives aimed at enhancing our town.

The strength of our Police Department is intrinsically tied to the dedication of its officers and civilian staff. Woodstock is fortunate to have some of the most outstanding public servants in the province of New Brunswick. Through the dedication and hard work of all involved, we will persist in our endeavors to ensure the safety of families, businesses, and visitors within the Town of Woodstock.

Thank you,


Mark Bennett

Deputy Chief of Police – Woodstock Police Force